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Taxpayer money should go toward improving childcare, not subsidising nannies

Using taxpayer money to subsidise nannies instead of improving the childcare system will favour the wealthy and create a system ripe for rorting, Unions NSW warned today. A draft Productivity Commission recommendation being considered by the federal government suggests a single, means-tested payment should go directly to the parents’ choice of provider. While welcoming the

Super Unfair Superannuation Tax has been quashed.

In November last year the Abbott Government announced that they would increase the tax low income earners paid on superannuation from 0% to 15%. The increased tax would have negatively impacted 3.5 million low income earners who would have missed out on about $830 million in retirement savings. But with the help of 14,500 union

Thousands rally to send a budget message to new Senators

Thousands of working people, students and pensioners will rally and march in Sydney today to send a clear message to new Senators about the unfairness of the Abbott Government’s first budget.   Speeches will begin at Town Hall Square at 1300, followed by a march from about 1330. A doorstop involving speakers will also take

Workers’ comp backdown doesn’t go far enough

Unions to continue campaign for sick and injured workers     The State Government’s backdown on unfair changes to workers’ compensation does not go far enough and should be expanded to include all medical costs as well as restoring full cover for injuries suffered on the way to and from work, according to Unions NSW.

Unions condemn Government’s sneaky superannuation rip off

Unions NSW has condemned the Government’s move to cut the real wages of public sector workers by burying a wage regulation in budget legislation.The deceptive act means that superannuation increases owing to public sector workers will be absorbed into the already miserly 2.5 per cent public sector wage cap.In effect, public sector workers will now